What is Anna 2050?

Anna 2050 is a group of three important plans to guide public decisions and investments, private development and community projects for the next thirty years. It created three inter-connected plans – a Comprehensive Plan, a Downtown Master Plan and a Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan.

Why is Anna updating its Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan was identified as a top policy priority in the City’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025-2035. The City of Anna has updated the comprehensive plan so this important guide will help the community accommodate the dynamic growth it expects in its future. The previous plan was adopted in 2010. At that time, the City had about 8,200 residents. During the timeframe of that Comprehensive Plan, through 2030, the City was expected to grow to a population of about 35,000.

In 2019, the population of Anna was estimated at 15,000, almost double the amount at the time the last plan was prepared. In addition to the amount of growth, the community has also seen changes in the diversity of residents, in its job base and in technology. The new plan has created a plan to guide Anna’s growth that will address these trends and extend through the year 2050.

Why is Anna updating its Downtown Master Plan?

The current Downtown Development Plan was approved in 2015. As with the Comprehensive Plan, changes since then mean that an updated plan is important to guide future development. In addition, the integration of this Downtown Master Plan with the Comprehensive Plan means that the policies, priorities and investments will be coordinated and integrated.

Why is Anna creating a Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan?

Anna neighbors value and use the parks that exist in this community. As major new developments are completed, they are adding to this parks system. The new Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan guides the park location, improvements and park facilities so they meet the needs of Anna’s diverse and growing community.

What area is covered by this plan?

The plan addresses the entire City of Anna, which is in the northern part of Collin County. It will also include the City’s Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), an area surrounding the incorporated city.

The Regional Map shows this area and its surroundings. The Community Map shows Anna’s city limits and ETJ boundaries. The total area is approximately 61 square miles.

Who was involved with this plan?

The community’s ideas, knowledge and perspectives were essential contributions to this plan and to the future of the Anna community. Many different stakeholders – property owners, residents, business owners, community organizations, and public agencies – will make the decisions and investments that will implement these plans and achieve their vision. In Anna, all these stakeholders are considered “neighbors”, and all Anna neighbors contributed to the success of this process.

The City of Anna’s City Council and key City Boards and Commissions provided overall direction for this project and will be taking action on the products it creates. Anna City staff and a team of consultants will provide professional expertise and assistance on specific issues and opportunities.  A Comprehensive Plan Advisory Task Force of representative community leaders was appointed to work with the staff and consultants by providing input and building agreement about the plan’s direction.

How can I learn more about Anna2050?

For additional information, email contact@Anna2050.com or contact Ross Altobelli, Director of Development Services, City of Anna, at 972-924-2616 or raltobelli@annatexas.gov.

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