What Do You Want To Do In Downtown Anna?

I'm an educator and I will attest that we need a city library, which includes literacy and education programs for both children and adults, including computer stations. It's a fact that children who are involved in Head Start types of reading programs do better and are more prepared for school. There is a growing population of Spanish speakers in Texas and ESL programs could also become part of the library programs. The reading of books and other digital formats should be part of keeping literacy alive in every town in America! A society that shuns books is a society in danger of being less informed, more influenced by fake and censored media news, less educated and illiterate. The love of reading involves the love of books, ebooks, newspapers, articles and magazines that give different views, not just one-sided political agenda. Libraries such as the McKinney and Plano libraries are some of the busiest ones I've observed, they are expanding them for the public and they are always very busy with people wanting to check out things of interest. A city that has a library is a city that cares about the well being and education of its citizens; it is a must have!
Create diverse housing opportunities to generate sustainable revenue; provide retail, shopping, food opportunities to attract visitors, provide recurring social activities to attract people to area, develop mixed use opportunities for flexible use of space; Hold farmers markets, art fairs, and holiday events making downtown a destination, and beautify downtown with themes, entry feature, landscaping and get rid of the overhead power lines.
Small town feel with thoughtful biking and walking lanes, landscaping, plenty of discrete trash cans, good lighting, plenty of seating, farmers markets, an event/concert hall (amphitheater?), small-town fair ground site, cute dining/bakery shops.
Keep our down home country feel. We don't need what McKinney has. Although it is lovely it is too upscale and lacks the family friendly feeling where kids are welcome too. Shopping areas with accessible, well lit, safe parking areas. A lovely band box in the middle of downtown with a large enough area for families to sit and enjoy the music and even get up and dance a little. An old fashioned country store with rocking chairs out front and people are encouraged to set awhile and chat. We need to bring back that old town feel. We have enough hustle and bustle in our lives today. We need an area where people can feel more connected. If we create the right atmosphere you will find our downtown will quickly fill up. I feel like that old movie that says "If you build it they will come".
local shopping, fun events, activities that would keep me in downtown- walkable, good parking, pretty landscaping, good lighting at night
Fun for everyone with well thought out parking & rent prices that keep businesses interested. I'd love a Franklin TN vibe downtown but still keep the gorgeous charm of the Sherley park area. Lots of murals.
Shopping, dining, movies, sporting events
Eat at local restaurants, shop at local stores, and visit historic landmarks/museums.
Shop and dine or catch a movie would be nice
Shop eat play
Redevelopment, for office space and dinning.
Breweries, wineries, shopping.
Go to breweries, shop local vendors, eat local restaurants.
Go to breweries, shop at local shops, eat at local restaurants, take my kids to the park with a splash pad, have salon services...
Restaurants; boutiques for shopping; bars; wineries
Family friendly, clean, no bars, local and unique restaurants and shops, all walkable. Not a copy cat of the Square or Legacy area, and definitely not as expensive. But built around the history of Anna like the train depot. In other words, we are Anna, so we should have our own heritage present in what becomes new.
Making it a bar scene. For young people.
Shop. Antique shop. Eat. Drink. Dog park
Small town but vast area with hiking, park, food, dining, bars, music areas where social distancing is built in. Another pandemic will come and need to innovate!

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